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A Platform-less Runtime-less Actor Computing Model is out!

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A Rust library for Platform-less Runtime-less Actor-based Computing, an implementation of Actor Computing Model, with few concepts like:
◾ libstd-free and Bare-Metal Compatible
◾ Platform-less by Runtime-less
◾ Future-oriented Routine and Events
◾ Real-time Execution Control

Odilia v0.1.0 released! A new, fast, safe, extensible screen reader for the blind on the Linux desktop, written in Rust

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Odilia should run on any Unix-like platform with the required dependencies supported by Rust . Currently, it primarily targets Linux, however, the plan is to support other free operating systems such as *BSD in the future (patches welcome).

How Rust went from a side project to the world’s most-loved programming language

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It isn’t unusual for someone to make a new computer language. Plenty of coders create little ones as side projects all the time. But it’s meteor-strike rare for one to take hold and become part of the pantheon of well-known languages alongside, say, JavaScript or Python or Java. How did Rust do it?

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The Rust update makes Rust faster, but banks still love C++

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The programming language Rust has a cult following in the finance industry. Some tout it as a C++ killer, but that might be wishful thinking. Rust ranks 19th on the TIOBE index; C++ is regularly in the top four.

“Rust isn’t used much in finance now, except for in crypto firms." says Joshua Friedman, a recruiter who covers technology hiring at GQR Global Markets in New York, "There’s a feeling of ‘Why gut everything just to use the new version of a tech stack?’"

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